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Da Luna Store is a student run business at Lahainaluna High School.  It is run by the entrepreneurial students of the Retail Marketing and Merchandising class. 


Students learn about running a brick and mortar business as well as an online eCommerce business.   


Customers can purchase unique Luna Merchandise.   Some items we carry are hoodies, t-shirts, hats, mugs, license plates, umbrellas, key chains, lanyards and many other items. We strive to keep offering new merchandise. 


Da Store has all da stuff you need!


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We believe in excellence and equity in education.

We believe students can learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.

We believe that the commitment to continuous improvement is imperative, to enable students to become confident, self directed lifelong learners. 

We believe standards with clear goals and high expectations for student achievement should guide curriculum strategies.

We believe education is a system made up of all components of our community interacting as one.

Mission Statement: 

Lahainaluna will strive to provide all students with the knowledge and principles necessary to make them responsible citizens, appreciative of the arts, and aware of the diversity of our global environment.

As a school community, we pledge to challenge and to support all students and preserve the heritage that is Lahainaluna.

Vision Statement:

Gather At This Place of Lahainaluna

Grasp the Flaming Torch of Excellence

And Together, Let us Move Forward

Established: September 5, 1831

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